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Where can I find out more about what kinds of trees might be suitable for my garden and how best to plant and care for them? 

Look no further! 1000 Trees for Furzedown campaign members have put together accessible and useful information on trees, fruit trees, shrubs, hedging and climbers to plant.
The Woodland Trust has a wealth of further information and you can also buy trees from them at very reasonable prices.

Can I get a free tree to plant in my garden?

The Mayor of London has a scheme offering free trees for planting to Londoners, schools and community groups. Look for updates on this website:

Are there other schemes to supply trees to community groups, schools or other organisations who want to plant more trees?

There are a few other schemes but they do involve a degree of coordination and planning, with application forms to fill in. For example  or

Which local nurseries and garden centres supply trees?


Battersea Flower Station and Florist

Woodcote Green Garden Centre

Warning! Try to buy peat free compost for planting your trees and shrubs. And be careful to avoid imported trees that might bring the risk of spreading tree diseases

I want to plant a tree but can’t do this work myself. Can anyone help me?

Contact and you will be put in touch with someone locally who can help.

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